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Beat the bloat

Beat the bloat. Feeling bloated is uncomfortable and can can play havoc with your self-esteem. Digestion is such an important process in our bodies it is responsible for not only breaking down food but also helps absorb nutrients. If the body doesn’t have sufficient hydrochloric acid and enzymes to digest all the food you eat undigested food particles will start fermenting, produce gas and creates bloating.

How to improve digestion and overcome bloating?

When you are stressed or eating on the run, your nervous system goes into fight-or-flight mode. When stress hormones are high your digestion is slowed, food is not properly digested and fermentation and bloating occurs.

Activate your nuts and seeds. Raw nuts and seeds all contain enzyme inhibitors, which impair digestion and block the absorption of nutrients. Soaking your nuts and seeds overnight in some water then dehydrate them in an oven at a low temperature will make them easier to digest.

Drink up !! Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance can slow digestion. The body attempts to counter the effects of being dehydrated by holding on to excess water causing bloating.

Processed foods are full of chemicals and preservatives that the digestive system doesn’t recognise and doesn’t know how to process. This alters the balance of our gut flora resulting in bloating.

Avoid excess salt (sodium retains water), look for foods rich in potassium, to help your kidneys flush out excess sodium. When in doubt, think fresh veggies, sweet potato, leafy greens, bananas, avocado and yogurt.

Apple cider vinegar (with the mother) rich in enzymes may just be the solution to help your digestive issues. Dilute a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water or tea, and consume 15 minutes before a meal. Apple cider vinegar stimulates digestive juices that help your body break down food.

Try some B inspired digestive aid organic herbal tea for a soothing beverage that may help reduce bloating.

Probiotics are good for your your health especially your digestive system. They help balance out your “good” and “bad” bacteria to keep your body working like it should. You can take probiotics supplements, but acquiring them from natural probiotic rich foods like kimchi, saurerkraut, yogurt and kombucha are the most beneficial.

Don’t self diagnose

If bloating is seriously affecting your life, you might want to have the causes further investigated by your health care professional. It might be caused by irritable bowel syndrome, coeliac disease, food sensitivities or liver disease.

By avoiding stress, eating on the run, and choosing foods in their closest state to nature, you will dramatically improve not only your bloating but also your overall well-being and your body will thank you for it.

For more information on “Beat the bloat” or to book a naturopathic consultation contact B inspired healthy lifestyle.

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