Jilungin dreaming

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Wild harvested by the Nyul Nyul people in the Twin Lakes area of the Kimberly WA. Jilungin has an earthy taste, traditionally consumed in the evening for its relaxing effects and to promote a good night’s sleep. Jilungin appears to be high in antioxidants, acts as a liver cleansing tonic and balances pH levels in the body.

Jilungin (Terminalia canescens) is currently being researched for it’s health properties and so far the science has been backing up traditional knowledge. Caffeine free

Jilungin dreaming herbal tea sizes available:
25 grams / approx. 13 servings



Jilungin dreaming tea

Our Jilungin dreaming tea has a golden colour and tastes of the earth. We source Jilungin from the Nyul Nyul people, who are the custodians of the land where Jilungin grows. (Twin Lakes area of the Kimberly). It is wild harvest using sustainable traditional methods. Our blend includes all the natural components – the leaves, bark and stems. 

Add a small handful (about 2 grams) to a cup of boiling water and brew of 3 minutes. For your second brew, allow to steep for 5 minutes. Jilungin can be reused over and over at least up to 8 times.

Special note – I would like to show my respect and acknowledge the traditional owners (custodians) of this land. Of Elders past and present, who cared for and survived in the Australian landscape, relying on their knowledge which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Because of the amazing work the Nyul Nyul people do in the community to preserve their culture, wisdom and knowledge, all profits from this tea go back to the Nyul Nyul community, who are the custodians of the land where Jilungin grows.

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2 reviews for Jilungin dreaming

  1. Natalie

    What can I say , I bought a couple of packets of the tea…made some last night , I like the taste a lot , but best of all I slept so well . Thanks for sharing this tea .

    • Beata Ozhylovski

      Hi Natalie, This review made our day!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Reuben (verified owner)

    I definitely recommend this tea for helping with a good night sleep. Comes with some very interesting dreams also. My order also came very impressively quick. Would definitely recommend!

    • Beata Ozhylovski

      Hi Reuben, Thank you for the review, i’m glad your enjoying your tea.

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