Nutrition workshop – 1 hour
Also known as the “second brain” your gut is a very complex ecosystem, influencing not only your digestion but all other body systems. My 1- hour nutrition workshop is a great way to interactively demonstrate how quick and easy it is to cook healthy meals from scratch. I assess each client’s individual needs and provide practical hints, tips and ideas, to promote healthy habits, leaving you feeling inspired and filled with new knowledge.

Your choice of 2 demonstrations from breakfast, lunch, and dinner or healthy treats:

  • Includes recipes
  • All food is provided
  • Give you ideas on ways to prepare healthy food at home
  • Expand your knowledge of nutrition
  • Learn how to read food labels and food claims
  • Gives you an opportunity to try new foods
  • Feel motivated to improve your health

Popular workshops include

  • Weight management – Advice on weight management, based on the most up-to-date evidence.
  • Improve immune health through nutrition – Learn what to eat to have a strong immune system and prevent common illness.
  • The healthy vegetarian –  Learn how to eat a healthy vegetarian diet to ensure you get all the right nutrients.
  • Children lunch box ideas – Learn how to prepare healthy lunches for your kids.

Book a workshop today and discover how simple nutritional changes can make all the difference.

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