What is Genetic testing?

Throughout your life, your DNA (your individual blue print) stays constant, but your epigenetics (the external influences such as stress, environment and nutritional factors) can influence your genetic blue print, both positively and negatively. This is what make some individuals more susceptible to particular health conditions. By looking at your genetics and your actual environment, such as past and current emotional and physical stressors, toxicity exposure, diet and lifestyle choices, it may help identify the areas your body needs support in such as detoxification, methylation, enhance immunity or reduce inflammation. Your treatment plan is based on your unique genetic profile. The aim of gene testing is not to diagnosing a disease, the information that comes from gene testing allows practitioners to understand how external factors can influence your genes and focus on disease prevention.

Benefits of genetic testing include:

  • Focuses on disease prevention.
  • Guides on which nutritional and herbal supplements will provide you with the greatest health benefits.
  • Advises on the best foods to include in your diet and the ones to avoid.
  • Identifies the types of exercise best suited for you.

How does the test work?

  1. Start with an initial consultation to determine which profile test is the right fit for you.
  2. Your test kit comes with an oral swab which is simply rubbed on the inside of each cheek 10 times.
  3. A reply-paid envelope is included to mail your sample back to the lab for processing.
  4. The lab will notify me when the test is complete.
  5. I will contact you to book a follow up consultation with your results. You will be provided with a practical, easy to understand information on how you can modify your supplement intake, diet and lifestyle changes according to your individual genetic profile.

There are 6 genetic testing profiles available

Methylation Profile – The methylation cycle is involved in many important functions in the body including – energy production, immunity, liver detoxification and weight management. The methylation cycle is also responsible for the regulation of homocysteine levels, that influences certain chronic diseases.

Hormone & Fertility Profile – Important for supporting hormonal health, developing a holistic preconception care plan to prepare the body for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Mood & Cognition Profile – Our genetics may play an important role in influencing the way we think and feel. Various processes in the body such as neurotransmitter production may contribute to mood disorders and cognitive decline.

Detoxification Profile – Our exposure to toxins is unavoidable and how we process and metabolise these toxins may determine our overall health status. The body’s ability to process toxins is very efficient, however increased toxic burden and impaired detoxification can result in compromised health.

Nutrigenomic Profile – Provides a better understanding of how certain foods can affect the expression of our genes. In other words, this profile explores exactly how ‘we are what we eat’.

The Wellbeing Bundle: All 5 Panels combined. 

For more information on gene testing or to book an appointment contact B inspired healthy lifestyle 



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