Functional pathology testing provides a tool for early intervention, management and monitoring of ongoing treatment. Test results do not seek a diagnosis but rather they uncover levels of dysfunction. There is a wide range of tests available, I have listed some of the most popular tests in my clinic. 

Food intolerance testing 

It is estimated that approximately 45% of the population suffers from food intolerances. Poor diet, medications, alcohol and stress can cause significant imbalance in the gut microbiome leading to low-grade inflammation, causing intestinal permeability. When the gut barrier is damaged you start to absorb particles of food into the blood stream that are not completely broken down. The immune system identifies these particles as foreign invaders and launches an immune response. After repeated exposure to these foods the immune system becomes programmed to react. The symptoms of food intolerance vary with individuals and can be particularly complex if you are reacting to several foods at the same time, which is not uncommon. 

How does the test work?

A simple blood finger pick test is used to screen for intolerance and sensitivities to either:

  • Western foods
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Environment inhalants
  • Asian foods

Comprehensive digestive stool analysis 

The GI tract influences not only digestive health but is also referred to as the ‘second brain”. A  complete digestive stool analysis investigates digestion, metabolism, absorption, the balance of beneficial bacteria and the presence of pathological bacteria, yeast and parasites.

How does the test work?

A sample stool test is collected and tested to assist the practitioner in developing an effective treatment plan.

Dried urine hormone profile

This test is ideal for a comprehensive overview of a persons hormonal status. It will help to identify the underlying cause of many hormonal related symptom(s). The test will measure and and identify – oestrogen’s, androgens, progesterone, cortisol, melatonin.

How does the test work?

Urine is collected on filtered paper strips either by dipping it in urine collected in a cup or by urinating directly on the strip through out the day: 1st morning, 2nd morning, early evening, and bedtime.

*Please note –  Functional pathology testing is not currently covered by Medicare or private health fund rebates. An initial consult prior to ordering any testing and a follow up consult to explain your test results may be required.

NutriPATH specialises in functional pathology testing for integrative medicine practitioners.

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